Invest in Paltamo

Invest in Paltamo

Massive investments are anticipated in Paltamo. KaiCell Fibers Oy’s bioproduct mill will be an investment of one billion euros. A number of industrial plots have been planned around the bioproduct mill for to support the operation of the mill. A new industrial area of 27 hectares is set to be built next to the mill area. In addition to the bioproduct mill and the new industrial area, the land use planning of five wind farms has been launched in Paltamo.

Operating environment

Learn more about the environment of businesses operating or investing in Paltamo. Here, you can find more information about the traffic connections and economic structure in Paltamo as well as services related to accommodation, education and recreational activities available to company personnel.

Invest in Paltamo project

Along with the new bioproduct mill and other investments, business life in Paltamo is undergoing major changes. The purpose of the Invest in Paltamo project is to promote the implementation of local, regional, national and international companies’ investments in Paltamo. The project’s main objective is to enable investments and help companies grow and become more international.

Paltamo's developing energy solutions project

Paltamo's developing energy solutions project explores solutions for Paltamo municipality's district heating and wastewater solutions and promotes the production of renewable energy and energy storage in different forms.