Paltamo new industrial area

New industrial area in Paltamo

The new industrial area in Paltamo is an ideal place for companies that benefit from KaiCell Fibers Oy’s bioproduct mill project, the envisaged wind farm project, the traffic flow of the national road 22, and the visibility and accessibility of the location. Check out the area plan here.

The municipal centre of Paltamo is located within 3.5 kilometres of the new industrial area. The bioproduct mill will be situated across the national road. The site is located within 150 kilometres from Oulu and within 35 kilometres from Kajaani. 40,000 permanent residents live within a 30-minute radius of the site. Thousands of vehicles drive past the industrial area every day.

The planning of the infrastructure of the site will begin in 2022. The industrial area covers 27 hectares and will have 17 new corporate plots and a permitted building volume of over 60,000 m2. The plots are ideal for many types of activities from business premises to industrial activities and warehousing. The plot sizes can be adjusted to your company’s needs. The plot ratio is 0.3. Learn more about the plot sizes here.

Paltamo and Kainuu are expected to grow strongly over the next few years. We would like to welcome all new companies to the ever-growing and positive Paltamo.


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Korhonen Salla Development director
Järvenoja Esa Project manager