Paltamon kehittyvät energiaratkaisut -hanke

Renewable energy based solutions


Developing energy solutions in Paltamo

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Funding: Co-funded by European union
Schedule: 1.9.2023–31.12.2024
Total cost: 118 955 euroa
Paltamo municipality's share: 23 792 euroa
Project manager: Esa Järvenoja

The goal of the Paltamo developing energy solutions project is to find out the prerequisites for the implementation of Paltamo municipality's district heating and wastewater solutions and to promote the production of renewable energy and energy storage in different forms.

The project produces alternative solutions for the municipality's district heating solution with investment and operating costs, necessary permit processes and schedules for decision-making. It also promotes other possible renewable energy production and storage solutions and investments located in the municipality, such as solar power, P2X and energy storage. The project maps out new companies interested in these and promotes the placement of investments in Paltamo.

In Kainuu, the development of a bio-circular economy based on the processing of the side streams of the bioeconomy is a key part of the green transition of the economy and society from a fossil economy to a low-carbon circular economy. The goal of the project is to promote the creation of businesses related to the circular economy and the utilization of side streams, as well as businesses that support the operation of the bioproduct factory, and the establishment of companies in the area.

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Korhonen Salla Development director
Järvenoja Esa Project manager